We run multi-activity programmes for primary and secondary schools, colleges, school groups, business groups, retired people and families. Programmes are customised depending on the groups, ages and time available. We aim to ensure that all participants have an unforgettable trip enjoying activities in nature that are safe and environmentally friendly. Our methodology is based on assigning groups, with all activities being carried out simultaneously in rotation, so that everyone can participate and enjoy themselves.


Each specific activity listed in the brochure will be carried out. This will always be done under the supervision of a qualified specialist. If an activity cannot be carried out due to force majeure, it will be replaced where possible, and customers will be informed.

It should be noted that all outdoor activities carried out with “Mar y Muntanya” are organised with safety as a priority. After all, we consider the safety of participants to be of paramount importance. We take all necessary precautions to ensure that this is guaranteed (weather, participant levels, age, etc.).


At Mar y Muntanya we require the presence of at least one lifeguard, and up to four in some centres which focus on water sports.

Please note that it is essential to provide a medical certificate authorising participation in the sports mentioned in the programme, and more specifically for the introduction to scuba diving at the relevant centres.


We are committed to ensuring that every evening, proper entertainment is provided. Hotels also organise flamenco evenings, discos, etc. In addition, it is up to each director to organise activities beyond those listed in the catalogue (craft activities, large games, outdoor games, treasure hunts, etc.), to organise free time, moments of relaxation, individualised wake-up calls, staggered breakfasts, etc., according to everyone’s needs and pace.


It is everyone’s responsibility – teaching team, service staff – to ensure the safety of children under all circumstances, in accordance with the law, by checking the equipment available and having anything that could put the child in danger immediately repaired by a professional.

We offer tailor-made programmes for individuals and groups. Our prices are very competitive as we offer approved sports equipment, a professional team and, above all, unforgettable experiences.