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They are strictly respecting the European´s legislation for the transport of persons (time allow to drive, resting time, security). All the tips ae made in Grand Tourism Bus, with video, reclining seat, air conditioning, under the strict control of a professional driver, for the security of the participants.


For the trips in plane, we are using   regulars flights with airlines companies (Ryanair). This is the reason why we requiere the definitive list of the inscription people with full name and first name with a minimum of ONE MONTH before the departure date. Once the dead line, it is impossible for us to make any changes.


Our trips are operated by the SCNF (French railway company) based on their pricing conditions and security measure.

Mar i Muntanya, with no circumstances will be held responsible for any modification made to the trip by the transport´s company (SNCF, airlines companies, buses companieste or maritime) or for any inconvenient that might cause

For any trips, it is recommended to all the families to not overcharge the packed lunch for the departure and limit the amount of weight and quantity in the luggage.

In the European´s Countries, each traveller must carry  his national identity card with a valid date and a certificate to allow them to leave the country, or a passport with a valid date (in this case, the certificate will not be compulsory. In order to not have to pay for the medical assistant, it is necessary to give to the children his European Social Security Card.