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We are organising programs multi-activity, to schools, institutes, classroom trips, companies employees. All the programs are personalise in respect of the groups, to ages and schedule with your free time. Our goal is to make your best holiday ever with activities in the nature, without risk and respecting the environment. Our methodology is to divide in group of levels, to make sure that everyone can make them simultaneously with a rotation and have fun. 

Certified Specialist for every activity:  

Each activity specified indicate in the brochure will be realise. It will always be done under with a Certified Specialist. In the unlikely event that the activity could not be done, it will be replaced and the customers will be inform. 

Swims well overlook by lifeguard: 

Mar y Muntanya, we demand to have at least one lifeguard and up to four in certain site. In important to provide a medical certification authorising the child to make sports organise in the trip and more specifically if the children will make the discover scuba diving. 

Night activities to each age:  

We make sure that we organise every night games and activities for the youngsters, either organise by the staff of the hotel or either organise by ourselves as an example, Flamenco dance, Night Club etc... In conclusion, all the Directors of the trip is free to organise his own activity outside of our catalogue (manual activities, games, outside games, Treasure hunt...), organise free time, relaxing time, waking up individually, breakfast for the youngsters ... always in good line to the needs and the rhythm of everyone. 

Security for the childrens:  

It belongs to all the pedagogic team, the staff, to look after the security of the children and assure in all the circumstances, respecting the legislation, verifying the equipment gave to them and repairing directly by a professional whatever could make the children in danger

We offer programs "make on demand", individuals or for groups. Our tariff are very competitive considering that our equipment are certified, a professional team and most of all, unforgettable moments. 


Skiing or Snowboard Training Courses.

 To offer the best requirement to the teachers, school, Council Hall, Companies or all the others who plan to organise a trip to the Ski, Mar i Muntanya offer the best benefits dedicated to all yours Pedagogical Projects, to the age of the children and the length of the holidays.

• From the initiation level to the improvement in Alpine ski, Cross Country ski, Snowboard(1)

• Ski rackets, traineeship multi-level

• Discover Trips of the mountain environment and the multiples activities and to top it all the final skiing test and give the Diplomas.

To obtain all the information, please contact us.


Trip to Costa Brava Sea, Costa Blanca Sea, or Costa del sol Sea

Mar i Muntanya offer you trip to Spain for sunshine holidays! Come to combine relaxation and adventure in a trip to Costa Brava, Valence, or Andalusia, Luxuriate next to sea coast, enjoy the huge amount of activities and animation offered to you. Forget the daily stress and choose one of trips in our Hotels.  Do not hesitate to take our full package option which one represent the ideal solution to guaranty the best holidays ever. Want to discover, our discover program will offer you excursions in hamlet places or in Barcelona, Girona, Valencia, or Seville!


Oriental´s Pyreneans Spain

Dividing France and Spain, the Pyreneans alternate plane and hills, saving the fauna and the flor in a landscape who remain untouched by the human hand

The chain of Mountain and the one from the Natural Park Cadí-Moixero: here you can find the spectacular peaks as Puig Pedros, Pedraforca, Carlit and Puigmal but also the others mountain who reach in between 2000 and 3000 m.

Mar i Muntanya will offer trips with various activities, sports, open water, horse riding parkour and cultural visits.